How Do You Press Flowers in Wax Paper?

press-flowers-wax-paper Credit: @sage_solar/CC-BY-2.0

Pressing flowers in wax paper involves placing fresh blooms between two sheets of wax paper and weighting them down with heavy books. This method requires fresh flowers, at least two sheets of wax paper and several heavy books. The project requires a few minutes to assemble and about two weeks to finish.

  1. Choose flowers

    Cut or purchase flowers just before they bloom, when their colors are most vibrant. Leave as much of the stem attached as you wish, as long as the entire piece is smaller than the books you use for pressing.

  2. Gather books

    Large, heavy books weigh down the flowers, pressing them flat over time. Appropriate books include telephone directories, encyclopedias, dictionaries and hardcover novels. One book contains the pressed flowers, and the other books sit on top to provide additional weight. For maximum pressing space, choose the largest available book to hold the flowers.

  3. Assemble the project

    Open the largest book to the middle. Cut two sheets of wax paper to fit the book. Lay one sheet of wax paper on the right side of the open book. Place the blooms on the wax paper in a single layer. Lay the second sheet of wax paper over the blooms, and close the book. Place the other books on top of the book that holds the flowers.

  4. Check the project

    Leave the project in a warm, dry location for two weeks, and check it after that time. The flowers are ready when they are flat and dry.