How Do You Get Prescription Halloween Contacts?

How Do You Get Prescription Halloween Contacts?

To get special effects contact lenses, acquire a contact lens prescription from your optometrist, and provide the valid prescription to an authorized retailer of FDA-approved special effects contact lenses. Do not purchase the lenses from a store that does not require a prescription.

  1. Get an exam

    If you are not visually impaired or have not received an exam in a while, get a contact lens exam from your optometrist to determine which size and prescription of lenses you need. If you have seen your optometrist recently, ask for a copy of your prescription.

  2. Find a trustworthy retailer

    Ask your optometrist if he sells special effects contact lenses. If he does not, research retailers and the products they sell. Ensure that the contact lenses the retailer sells are approved by the FDA. If the retailer does not ask for a copy of a valid prescription, do not complete a purchase with that retailer.

  3. Send a copy of your prescription to the retailer

    To send a copy of your prescription to the retailer, either upload a scanned image of the prescription, have your optometrist fax a copy to the retailer or provide your optometrist's name and office phone number. When your prescription is verified, complete the purchase.