What Are Some Preschool Activities for a Dr. Seuss Theme?


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There is a variety of kinesthetic, interpersonal, mathematical and artistic activities for preschool children that pertain to a Dr. Seuss theme. There are also engaging and useful activities for students with differing abilities, including ELL students.

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Mathematical skills are reinforced through numerous learning activities. To demonstrate patterning skills, students may alternate red and white tongue depressors, like Dr. Seuss's hat. To illustrate graphing skills, children may survey one another to determine how many of them like to eat green eggs and ham. Results may be displayed on a large poster in the form of a bar graph.

Science skills are also reinforced with a little creativity. One such activity is based on the Seuss book, The Lorax. Using yarn, googly eyes and pom-poms, children decorate gardening pots to resemble the main character in the story. Keeping in the spirit of the book, children plant seeds, aptly referred to as Truffula trees.

Gross motor skills are improved with an activity inspired by the book Hop on Pop. Using skills the children are currently learning, from sight words to letters of the alphabet, pieces of paper are strewn about on the floor. Each paper has a different item written on it from the subject being learned. An example is to write the words hop, dog, pop, flop and plop on separate sheets of paper when children are learning about the 'o' sound. The leader then says, "Hop on," followed by one of the words. Children hop to the paper with that word written on it.

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