What Are Some Prepositional Phrase Games?


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There are many game ideas to teach prepositional phases, depending on the age and ability level of the students. An example of a prepositional phrase game is an interactive class quiz. The teacher writes a sentence on the board and selects a student to identify the prepositions within that sentence.

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The class quiz game can be adapted for older or more advanced students by having students take turns writing prepositional phrases themselves and selecting a student to attempt the task. If the teacher prefers, students can address the entire class instead, rather than singling out a student. Whichever student can correctly identify the prepositions stands up and writes the next sentence.

If there is not a board in the classroom, the teacher and the students can act out prepositional phrases using chairs, desks, paper or other objects within the classroom. The teacher can control the timing for this game and use it as a main activity or as a refresher for the following day to test what the students can remember.

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