What Is the Premise of "Rally Point 3"?


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The premise of the online game "Rally Point 3" involves the player assuming the role of a race car driver attempting to beat a specific time while racing on different courses. The player is able to choose from different cars and different tracks, with more of each unlocking over time.

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What Is the Premise of "Rally Point 3"?
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The goal of "Rally Point 3" is to achieve the fastest time possible on each track. Tracks consist of various twists and turns, requiring the player to use her reflexes to move forward without hitting obstacles or driving off the track. "Rally Point 3" doesn't feature any story mode or similar gameplay elements to provide a justification for the events of the game. It does include a help menu that instructs the player on the game's controls and prompts her to begin playing.

The main controls consist of using the corresponding arrow keys to move the car forward, side to side and backwards. The down arrow key shifts the car into reverse and acts as a brake. The player can also press the Shift or X keys in conjunction with the arrow keys to initiate a drift for speeding through tight corners. Pressing the Z key activates a nitro boost to increase the car's speed.

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