What Is the Premise of the "Jacksmith" Online Strategy Game?


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The premise of the online game "JackSmith" is that a donkey blacksmith in need of some extra money sets out to claim the reward on an evil wizard who kidnapped the daughter of a local royal family. Rather than fighting, the donkey makes weapons for soldiers he hires.

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"JackSmith" incorporates elements of strategy games as well as resource management games in its main gameplay features. In the game, the player takes control of the donkey blacksmith and must craft different weapons for approaching soldiers. The challenge of the game comes in taking the weapon requests and performing the necessary actions to create them while keeping up with the demand from newly approaching soldiers. As each level progresses, more soldiers approach the player requesting weapons at a faster pace. Later levels also introduce new weapon types.

To craft a weapon, the player must first take a request from a soldier. Accepting a request allows the player to visit the forge and choose the appropriate mold for the weapon. The player then follows the on-screen prompts to pour the metal into the mold, then wait for it to set. Each weapon requires a different amount of time to set, though if the player takes too long, the requesting soldier gets angry and leaves. If too many soldiers leave, the player fails the level.

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