What Is the Premise of the Computer Edition of "Scribblenauts?"?


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In the computer edition of "Scribblenauts," officially titled "Scribblenauts Unlimited," the player controls a character named Maxwell who is searching for Starites to prevent his sister, Lily, from turning to stone. The player, as Maxwell, must use a magic notebook to draw solutions to puzzles, complete levels and obtain Starites.

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According to the game's story, Maxwell has 42 siblings, but only one sister, Lily. Maxwell's parents, Edgar and Julie, gave each of their children a magical item. Lily got a globe that let her travel anywhere in the world, and Maxwell got a notebook that would bring anything he wrote in it into existence.

One day, Maxwell and Lily met a hungry old man. Thinking it was funny, Maxwell drew a rotten apple in his notebook and gave it to the man. The man was angry, and he cast a spell on Lily that began to turn her to stone, starting with her leg. Scared for his sister, Maxwell took Lily to his brother Edwin's farm, where Edwin told him that the only way to lift the curse was to gather Starites.

A player can obtain Starites by correctly using the notebook to solve puzzles for the people in Maxwell's world. Levels have different themes and include a haunted house, a beach and a tropical forest. Once the player retrieves enough Starites, he can return to the farm and free Lily from the curse.

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