What Are Some Pranks to Play on an Annoying Neighbor?


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Some pranks to play on an annoying neighbor include spelling out a message on his lawn in fertilizer, planting carrots in his yard and planting a fake bird call inside his home. These clever pranks are great revenge against a bothersome neighbor.

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Spelling out a message in a neighbor?s lawn can work in two ways. For a more immediate prank, powdered fertilizer is spread on the grass to spell out a message. For a prank that takes longer but is more subtle, the fertilizer is spread in a message but then is washed off with water. The fertilizer absorbs into the grass and grows a brighter shade of green, making for a message that reveals itself in time.

Another good-natured lawn prank involves secretly planting carrots in a neighbor?s yard. Carrots look like weeds when they first begin growing, but weed killer typically doesn?t work on them. As they grow larger, the neighbor must eventually remove them by hand.

Placing a fake bird call inside a neighbor?s house is a bit more invasive and should be saved for neighbors who have better relationships with each other. However, planting a fake electronic bird call in a house can create endless irritation as the neighbor searches in vain for the bird he believes is trapped inside. A battery-powered device is the easiest to hide.

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