What Are Some Power Rangers Games to Play Online?

What Are Some Power Rangers Games to Play Online?

"Super Megaforce X-Borg Blaster," "Dino Charge Dino Duels," "Dojo Defender," "Robo Knight Flight Fight" and "Mega Force Ninja Storm" are Power Rangers games that are playable online. These Flash-based games and many others are available to play for free on the official Power Rangers website.

In "Super Megaforce X-Borg Blaster," players try to help the Red Ranger stop Prince Vekar's X-Borgs of the Armada from wreaking havoc on earth. They must use blaster pistols to eliminate all of the X-Borgs.

Power Rangers must stop Sledge from getting Energems that can make him invincible in "Dino Charge Dino Duels." They must fight through some of the most wanted monsters in the galaxy on Sledge's ship to accomplish their task.

The multiplayer shooting game "Dojo Defender" finds one or two players defending the titular dojo from a onslaught of slow but relentless invaders.

Power Rangers fly through space using lasers and missiles to intercept and destroy waves of incoming missiles, spaceships and robots in the "Robo Night Flight Fight" game.

In the platform game "Mega Force Ninja Storm," players have to guide the Red Ranger through multiple levels to collect lightning bolts without falling into fire and lava traps along the way.