How Do I Take a Potholder Off of a Loom?

potholder-off-loom Credit: Nic McPhee/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Once you have finished a potholder, you need to create a crocheted edge as you take it off the loom. You can use the hook tool that comes with the kit, but a crochet hook usually works better. Either way, taking your finished potholder off of the loom is a fairly easy process.

  1. Pull off the first two loops

    Pick a corner, and carefully pull the first two loops off the peg. Put your hook through the first loop.

  2. Make your first stitch

    Pull the second loop that you pulled off through the first loop. You should now have only the second loop around your hook.

  3. Repeat all the way around

    Continue pulling loops through the previous one, taking just one loop off of the loop at a time, until you have gone all the way around the potholder. The loops shouldn't come completely loose, but if you have short loops that were pulled tight, you may need to hold onto them before you can grab them with your hook.

  4. Finish it off

    When you pull the final loop through, pull it to secure it in place. Leave it long, and use it to hang up your potholder. If you are worried about it coming undone, you may want to put the hook through your first stitch and pull the final loop back through the first stitch.