What Are the Best Poses for Pictures of Men?


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The best poses to use when takingpictures of men are those that accentuate their jawline, show good posture, broaden their shoulders, keep their hands busy and look natural.When taking a picture of a man it is ideal not to have them squared with the camera in the shot for the best results, according to the Expert Photography website.

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What Are the Best Poses for Pictures of Men?
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When taking pictures of men, it is important to never allow them to pull back their chins, instead have them push the chin out and slightly down to get a good angle for a more defined jawline, notes Expert Photography.

Shoulders should be square to the camera, with the upper body closer to the camera to slim the waistline and the subject should be sitting up or standing up straight.

The classic go-to pose, where the man is crouched down with bent knees while resting both elbows on the knees is a great pose to accentuate the man's eyes, according to SLR Lounge.

Having busy hands helps to make the man look more natural and relaxed in the shot. Both hands or one in the pocket work well, but the man could also be adjusting a tie, unbuttoning a jacket or messing with his hair for a good pose. The legs in a pose should be kept apart at least a slight amount, generally in line with the shoulders to create a broader chest.

Smiling is not necessary for men's poses, but biting down on the teeth slightly helps accentuate the jawline.

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