What Are the Best Poses for Photographing Males?

What Are the Best Poses for Photographing Males?

Optimal poses for men being photographed include standing straight up with crossed arms, standing with both hands partially in the pockets and leaning with the back against a wall. Important points to accentuate include the jaw, eyes, shoulders, waist and hands.

A well-defined jaw line is considered a masculine feature. A man can accentuate his jaw by pushing his chin out, then slightly down. This hides part of the neck, making the jaw appear angular. The photographer can also use shadows to further shape the jaw line. The jaw should not be pulled back, as this creates a double chin or makes it more prominent.

The eyes should be kept partially squinted to add character to the man's face. He can partially squint by keeping the upper eyelids relaxed and slightly raising the lower eyelids.

Broad shoulders and a small waist are also considered masculine features. To give the appearance of or showcase those features, a man can turn his shoulders square to the camera while keeping his waist area turned slightly away from the camera. It also helps to lean the upper body closer to the camera than the lower body.

The hands should be given a specific placement or purpose to avoid an awkward photograph. Common hand positions include inside the pockets, on the belt loops and adjusting an accessory, such as a tie or cuff link.