What Are Some of the Most Popular YouTube Episodes of Minecraft Oasis?


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Based on number of views as of June 2015, some of the most popular episodes of Minecraft Oasis are "Terrible Mother," "Welcome to Paradise," and "The Truth." Respectively, these are episodes 24, 1, and 100.

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Minecraft Oasis is a popular "Let's Play" gaming video started by YouTube user iHasCupquake and based on the video game "Minecraft." The video series spanned 100 episodes starting in February 2013 and ending in April 2014.

One aspect of the Minecraft Oasis series that sets it apart from many other Minecraft "Let's play" videos is the extensive use of mods. This includes the mod Minecraft Comes Alive, which allows the player to get married, have and adopt children, and get a divorce. This mod allowed Cupquake to start an in-game family including the characters Daisy, Tulip, Armando, Joby and Joby II, and Lina, all of which are her children. Cupquake also has an ex-husband named Brian, and a husband named David, who is now deceased.

The most popular episode in the series has over 5 million views. In it, Cupquake's son Joby's death is revealed. Cupquake admits to mistakenly putting him in an oven, where he was turned into several pork chops. Shortly after this she had her second son, Joby II, who was named in honor of Joby.

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