What Are Some Popular Unexplained Photographs?

One popular unexplained photograph is the "Solway Firth Astronaut" photo. Jim Templeman took a picture of his young daughter sitting in a field. When the film was developed, he was shocked to discover that there appeared to be an astronaut standing behind his daughter. He claims that there was nobody around at the time, and Kodak confirmed that the film had not been altered.

Another unexplained photo is "The Falling Body" photo. This is a black and white photo of a Texan family sitting at the dinner table together, but there is a body falling from the ceiling on the left side of the photo.

Another unexplained photo is the "WWI Airman Ghost" photo. This is a photo of a group of soldiers taken in 1919, and there appears to be a ghostly face poking out from behind one of the soldiers. The photographer claimed to not see it at the time. When other soldiers saw the photo, they identified the face as belonging to a fallen comrade.

The "Time Traveling Hipster" photo is another unexplained photograph. It is a black and white photo from the 1940s taken at the re-opening of the South Forks Bridge in Gold Bridge, Canada. One man in the photo looks very out of place, appearing to be dressed in modern clothing and holding a camera more advanced than those of the time.