What Are Some Popular Tricks on Penguin Magic?


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As of 2015, some popular tricks on Penguin Magic include "Criminal" by Menny Lindenfeld, "Loops" by Yigal Mesika and "Disappearing Ink." The first two tricks are available for download at PenguinMagic.com, while the third trick needs shipping to the trickster’s home.

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"Criminal" by Menny Lindenfeld teaches the magician how to tear money in half and then make it whole again.

In "Loops" by Yigal Mesika, the trick makes paper money hover in the air without touching it. The magician learns how to move it through the air without touching it or just raise the money off the table.

"Disappearing Ink" allows the magician to prank friends by throwing ink on them. The ink disappears in a short amount of time.

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