What Are Some Popular "Toy Story" Games for Children?

What Are Some Popular "Toy Story" Games for Children?

Popular “Toy Story” games include “Buzz Lightyear’s Galactic Shootout,” “Woody’s Big Escape” and “Woody’s Wild Adventure.” Other enjoyable online games are “Bonnie’s Flashlight Fun” and “Bowl-o-Rama.”

“Buzz Lightyear’s Galactic Shootout” involves defeating Zurg’s army to score points. Players hit the Spacebar to release smart bombs and click the mouse to shoot beams at the enemies. Players lose points by getting shot at or shooting the little green men.

“Woody’s Big Escape” involves helping Woody escape from different scenes of the movie "Toy Story 2." Players click to move Woody, rescue other toys and use items that assist in the escape.

“Woody’s Wild Adventure” requires helping Woody score points by getting him to the flag on the top shelf. Players use the arrow keys to run, climb, crawl and duck and the Spacebar to release the lasso to strike the finish button. Players earn points by collecting stars and lose them when they collide with battery cells and other objects.

In “Bonnie’s Flashlight Fun,” players help Bonnie use the flashlight to find her toys in the dark. Players click to switch on the flashlight and move the mouse around to find the toys.

“Bowl-o-Rama” involves bowling to earn points. Players click to position balls, change speed and bowl.