What Are Some of the Most Popular "Super Mario Bros." Games?


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Some of the most popular “Super Mario Bros.” games include "Super Mario Bros. 3," "Super Mario 64" and "Super Mario World." All three games rank as some of the most critically acclaimed platformer games of all time.

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What Are Some of the Most Popular "Super Mario Bros." Games?
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"Super Mario Bros. 3" was massively hyped before its release, with fans unsure whether it could actually live up to Nintendo's promotional fervor. The game was greeted with near universal praise upon its release and is celebrated as a classic. The game introduced a number of innovations to the series' classic formula, including a secret-filled overworld map, new power-ups and a variety of mini-games.

"Super Mario World" brought Mario into the 16-bit era, improving on the innovations of "Super Mario Bros. 3" to create a near-perfect platforming experience. A more diverse set of levels, new power-ups, more complex puzzles and a new lizard sidekick named Yoshi all made the game one of Mario's most challenging and most memorable.

"Super Mario 64" brought the famous franchise into the 3-D era, marking the most dramatic technological leap forward in a "Mario" game. With massive levels filled with secrets and challenges, and a Mario who could backflip, wall-kick and long jump, the game was a landmark in modern platforming, creating a model that innumerable future games would follow. Outside of its formal innovations, the game was complex, immersive and fun.

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