What Are Some Popular Stick Figure Action Games?


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Some popular stick figure action games include “Stick Rage 3” and “Dillinger.” Both of these games are available for free from the arcade website Stickgames.com. Players don't have to download either game to play them because they can both be played from a Web browser.

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“Stick Rage 3” is an action beat-em-up game in which players have to destroy other stick figures to progress in the game. Gamers control the game using the computer keyboard. The left and right arrow keys move the character, and the up arrow makes him jump. Players attack with the A key and shoot their guns with the S key. Players can press the Q key to switch their melee weapon or press the W key to switch their secondary weapon.

“Dillinger” is a fast-paced platform game where players have to time their jumps. Gamers have no control over the speed of their characters; they can only control when the characters jump. They have to do this with the keyboard, but the only key that they need to press is the space bar. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible and achieve a high score. At the end of every run, the player can see how far she ran, which also serves as her score.

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