What Are Some Popular Skindex "Minecraft" Skins?

Some of the most popular "Minecraft" skins are self-referring, such as Gamer Boy and Gamer Girl. Other top-voted skins are designed after popular comic book and cartoon characters, such as Deadpool, Ultron and the Pokemon Pikachu.

"Minecraft" skins are generated daily by players, and many websites allow players to upload their skins for anyone to see and vote on. A "skin" is simply the appearance of a character in the game. Although the possibilities available for skins are only limited by a players imagination and the parameters of the game, they all perform the same functions.

Many of the top skins are based on various aspects of pop culture, including movies. There are Darth Vader and Stormtrooper from "Star Wars" and Optimus Prime and Megatron skins from "The Transformers." Others are based on real-life personalities, such as Justin Bieber, and historical figures, such as Jesus and Adolph Hitler.

Because the entries at some websites come in daily, the most popular skins change over time and are often based on seasonal holidays. At Christmastime, there are a number of skins called Santa Claus or Saint Nick, and at Halloween, there are a variety of witches, vampires and zombies occupying the top spots.