What Are Some Free Popular Room-Escape Games?


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As of 2015, some free, popular room-escape games include “Crimson Room” and its sequel “Viridian Room,” “Submachine” and “Ant Hill Trap.” These free online games have players solve puzzles to navigate out of different locations.

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“Crimson Room” is one of the original room-escape games, first released in 2004. The game set up many of the fundamental room-escape mechanics, including simple puzzle solving and in-depth exploration of the game environment. Players find themselves in a red room with no knowledge of how they arrived there. Finding and manipulating various items in the room, they must solve a series of puzzles to exit through the room’s locked door. “Crimson Room” spawned a number of sequels, including “Viridian Room,” “Blue Chamber” and “White Chamber.”

“Submachine” takes the basic gameplay of the “Crimson Room” series and polishes it, adding improved graphics and a range of environments. The game comes in a number of installments, and players must escape different areas in each iteration, including an abandoned lighthouse, an underground labyrinth and a padded cell.

While most room-escape games traffic in atmospheric suspense and creepily desolate environments, the genre also had more family-friendly titles, such as “Ant Hill Trap.” The game puts players in control of an ant who must solve puzzles to escape a flooded anthill and reunite with his colony.

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