What Are Some Popular Quilt Patterns for Baby Boys?


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Popular quilt patterns for baby boys include standard block patterns, but some quilters are using variations on that style to create something unique and eye-catching. Some newly popular quilt patterns include zigzag (sometimes called chevron), animal patterns and floral patterns.

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What Are Some Popular Quilt Patterns for Baby Boys?
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For expectant mothers looking for standard, quality quilts for their newborns or those invited to baby showers with quilting on their minds, a block pattern is a safe choice to please everyone. However, a block pattern doesn't have to be boring. New trends in quilt-making for baby boys have expanded on this standard style to include things such as appliques, negative space and trendy patterns for modern mothers.

One of the most popular patterns for a baby boy's quilt is the X's and O's pattern. This pattern builds on the block pattern but features the international symbols for kisses and hugs.

Negative space is also a very popular style. Essentially, the creator of the quilt blocks out only certain parts of the quilt, leaving the rest of it blank. This creates a modern, clean look for fashion-forward mothers.

Another variation on the basic block design is to use a puzzle-piece pattern. This look is achieved by stitching together fabric swatches cut in the shapes of puzzle pieces. This maintains the feel of a traditional quilt, but the subtle variation is appealing and unique.

For something more traditional, a classic pinwheel design is a perfect quilt design for a baby boy. By experimenting with colors, one can create something completely customized.

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