What Are Some Popular Free Puzzle Games?

Popular puzzle games include “Red Bugs Puzzle,” “Cut the Rope” and “Wacky Ballz 2.” Another free puzzle game is “Slime Laboratory 2.” The games are available at Miniclip.com.

“Red Bugs Puzzle” requires players to clear the way for the bugs to find and eat raspberries and get to the yellow flags that mark the end of the levels. Players click and drag the mouse to move the blocks away after following the instructions on the screen. They also guard against beetles and unsupported blocks that can harm the bugs.

“Cut the Rope” involves helping a monster feed by cutting the ropes holding snacks that are out of his reach. Players click and drag the mouse to cut the ropes and score points when the monster feeds. They also score extra points by collecting stars and improving the feeding time.

“Wacky Ballz 2” involves rolling balls to collect a set number of coins and stars to advance to the next level. Players use the arrow keys to move, jump and roll. “Slime Laboratory 2” requires players to help a slime ball escape the experiments in the lab. Each level includes challenges, such as spikes and lasers, that the player avoids to reach the exit. The player uses the arrow keys to move, jump and crouch and collect diamond shapes to score points.