What Are Some Popular Products by American Girl?

Popular products by American Girl include dolls, doll accessories, clothing, books and movies. Dolls include the Bitty Baby line for ages 3 and older and the larger dolls designed for girls 8 and older. Pleasant Rowland founded the original maker of these products in 1986, and the company debuted with a line of historical characters complete with books focusing on the character's viewpoint.

The dolls expanded in 1995 to include contemporary dolls. As of 2015, more than 61 dolls from this line span various ethnicities and hobbies. No two dolls have the same combination of facial features, skin tones, eye color, hair and style. Each doll comes with its own name and identity.

Doll accessories include furniture, animals and clothing for the dolls themselves. Some accessories, such as luggage and sleeping bags, are available in sizes for the doll owners.

American Girl clothing for the owners match outfits for the dolls themselves. Casual and dressy clothing, pajamas, and slippers allow a young girl to be twins with her American Girl doll day and night.

In addition to books that come with the dolls, girls can purchase other books about particular characters. There are also cookbooks, books about making money and journals among the large selection. One- and two-pack movie discs are available starring some of the doll characters.