What Are Some Popular Prank Phone Calls to Send to Friends?


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Popular prank calls to play on friends are to tell them that they have won something or that the prank caller works for the phone company and needs their help. Both pranks are fun and harmless.

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The "you've won" prank requires that you know what restaurants the friend eats at, what radio stations they listen to, and the like. Call the friend and claim to be calling from a relevant place and excitedly say that the friend has won a prize that he needs to pick up. Give a time and a location for pickup. Locations can either be bizarre or a real place, such as a local restaurant location if claiming to call from a restaurant chain. Take the prank one step further by videotaping the attempted pickup.

To play the phone company prank, call a friend and claim to be an engineer at the phone company. Explain that you need to test the sound quality of the system and ask if he would help by repeating a certain list of phrases. Before the call, make a list of phrases to read that start mundane and gradually get more outrageous.

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