What Are Some Popular Porcelain Dolls in the Cathay Collection?

Popular porcelain dolls in the Cathay Collection include Riley, Avery, Katherine, Sydney and Ellen. Other popular porcelain dolls in this collection include Edith, Julia, Kaitlan, Zoe and Sofia.

The Cathay Collection features rare Victorian-style porcelain dolls. Riley is a popular doll in the collection with brown eyes and chestnut-colored curly hair that falls to her waist. She wears a white gown with maroon adornments and a choker around her neck made of red and white beads. The Riley doll also has a hat with flowers. Riley is 16 inches tall and is limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide.

The Cathay Collection's Avery doll has blond hair and blue eyes. She wears a long blue dress, a blue hat with flowers, and a rose choker with white beads. Only 5,000 Avery dolls were produced for the collection. The handcrafted Avery doll stands 16 inches tall and comes with a parasol.

The Katherine doll from the Cathay Collection is dressed in a floor-length, light pink dress with three buttons. She also wears a pink pearl necklace, a corsage and a large hat with a ribbon attached to it. Katherine has blue eyes and golden-brown ringlets that fall below her hips. Like many other dolls in the collection, there are only 5,000 Katherine dolls worldwide.