What Are Some Popular Pool Games?


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Three of the most popular modern swimming pool games are water polo, Marco Polo, and Dolphins and Sharks. These games are best suited for mixture of child and adult players and are intended to guarantee an enjoyable time at the pool without rousing parents' or lifeguards' concerns for water safety.

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What Are Some Popular Pool Games?
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Water polo requires at least four players, split up into two teams. The larger player on each team supports the smaller player on his or her shoulders. The two teams then get close enough that the two smaller players attempt to punch each other off their partners using bare hands or pool noodles.

Marco Polo is essentially blind man's bluff in a swimming pool, and can take a virtually unlimited number of players. A selected player closes his eyes and attempts to find the other players. Whenever the searcher calls out, "Marco," all other players must respond "Polo." When the searcher touches another player, that player then becomes the new searcher.

Dolphins and Sharks, sometimes known as Sharks and Minnows, requires two teams, ideally of five or more players each. One team is known as the sharks, the other as the dolphins. One end of the pool is designated as the sharks' safe point and the other as the dolphins' safe point. An extra player or referee must call out either "Sharks" or "Dolphins," at which point the called team must attempt to swim as fast as possible to its safe point while the other team tries to tag as many as possible. This goes on until one team has been eliminated.

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