What Are the Most Popular PBS Kids Games?

As of September 2015, some popular PBS Kids games include “Super Cleaner Upper,” “Big Brother Daniel” and “Chock-a-Block Zoo.” All of these games are free to play on the PBS Kids' popular games list. Players use either a computer keyboard or mouse for the controls.

In the action platform game “Super Cleaner Upper,” players take control of the Cat in the Hat and help him on his mission to clean up the environment. They must time their jumps to reach certain platforms. Other animals walking around each area push the Cat out of the way, making it more difficult to collect trash.

In the three levels of “Super Cleaner Upper,” players have to separate trash into recycling or compost. If they guess wrong, they can try again until they get the answer correct. Some of the items they collect along the way are specific to each stage. For example, they can find seashells on the third stage, which occurs under water.

When playing “Super Cleaner Upper,” the left and right arrows on the keyboard move the Cat in the Hat in their respective directions. The space bar makes the cat jump, the up arrow places trash in the recycling bin, and the down arrow places trash in the compost bin.