What Are Some Popular Party Board Games?


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Some popular party boards games include “Time's Up!,” “Apples to Apples,” “Electronic Catchphrase,” “Bladerdash” and “Barbarossa.” All of these games focus on social interaction and strategy.

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What Are Some Popular Party Board Games?
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In “Time's Up!,” players battle in three rounds that all increase in difficulty. The goal of the game is to identify a set of celebrities correctly. In 2000, “Time's Up!” won the Mensa Best Mind Games Award. The game often requires players to act a little silly, which creates some hilarious situations.

“Apples to Apples” is a game that involves players matching unusual nouns and adjectives together to form some odd combinations. In 2000, Game magazine gave the game the title Party Game of the Year.

In “Electronic Catchphrase,” players have to get their teammates to say a particular phrase or word. They have to do this fast because they are working against the clock. “Electronic Catchphrase” supports between four and 16 players on two teams. Since the players split into two teams, the game is better when a lot of people play.

“Balderdash” is a game in which players have to make up their own definitions for fake or unusual words. “Beyond Balderdash” is an expansion pack for the game that introduces people, dates and movie plots into the mix. The winner is the player who can bluff the best.

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