Which Popular Online War Games Require Two or More Players?


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"Warface," "Planetside 2" and "Heroes and Generals" are all examples of popular online war games that require multiple players. As of July 2015, these games are all free to play.

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"Warface" is a first-person shooter game set several decades after 2015. A player chooses between four separate classes: rifleman, scout, medic or engineer. Players also choose a faction side and can fight in teamed matches against the opposite faction. In FTP.com's "Top 10: January 2015 Best MMOFPS," "Warface" held first place. Second place was awarded to "Planetside 2."

"Planetside 2" is a futuristic first-person war game with three opposing factions and six classes to choose from. The game features infantry, vehicle and aerial warfare on the planet Auraxis. Instead of small team matches, "Planetside 2" hosts an open world environment in which every player on the server is part of the same battle.

"Heroes and Generals" takes place in Europe during World War II. A player chooses to fight for the German, Soviet or American forces. There are two main modes of play: a first-person shooter in which a player controls a single soldier, and a strategic campaign in which a player controls the movement of army units in the theater of war.

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