What Are Some Popular Online Games About Farming?


"Farming Simulator 2015" and "FarmVille" are some popular online games about farming. "Farming Simulator" is a realistic simulation available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. "FarmVille" is a mobile game accessible from Android and iOS devices or from computers or tablets using Facebook.

"Farming Simulator" allows the user to choose a strategic farm location, purchase and raise livestock, and care for crops in order to build a fully self-sufficient farm. The game is sandbox style, meaning that players set their own goals without the limitations a storyline or mandatory quests. The latest version of "Farming Simulator" includes over 140 types of equipment and vehicles for use on the farm. Players can keep chickens, cows and sheep on their farms.

"FarmVille" is a socially motivated mobile game where the player cares for crops and sells them for upgrades. Players connect to Facebook in order to send requests to other players, which speeds up quest progress by minimizing wait times. In some cases, the help of other players is necessary in order to pass a quest. "FarmVille" is highly customizable, giving players the option to fill their farms with normal animals like cows and chickens or with fantastic animals such as rainbow zebras and unicorns.