What Are Some Popular "Minecraft" Figures?

What Are Some Popular "Minecraft" Figures?

Some popular "Minecraft" figures include both the Overworld Steve figure and the Overworld Creeper figure from the Series One Jazwares collection. The Series One Overworld Enderman figure is another popular "Minecraft" figure.

The "Minecraft" Overworld Steve action figure measures 2.75 inches tall and is made of plastic. Steve comes with a pickaxe and a block accessory. He is fully articulated and has a movable head as well as movable arms and legs.

Another Series One "Minecraft" figure is the Creeper, who comes with TNT and gunpowder accessories. The Creeper is plastic and stands 2.75 inches tall.

The Jazwares Series One collection also features the Enderman, a plastic figure that is 3.75 inches tall. The Enderman comes with a red mushroom and a block accessory.

Another popular "Minecraft" figure is the Overworld Steve with diamond armor figure, a modified version of the original Steve figure. Steve with diamond armor is part of the Series Two Jazwares collection of "Minecraft" figures. This figure of Steve wears the strongest armor in "Minecraft" and comes with both a diamond sword and a block with diamond ore in it.

The Overworld Villager Blacksmith figure is another Series Two Minecraft figure that comes with a removable apron and a workbench. The Villager Blacksmith is 2.75 inches tall.

The Overworld Spider Jockey pack features both skeleton and spider figures. The pack also comes with a bow, a saddle and three silverfish. The skeleton sits on the saddle to ride on the spider's back.