What are some popular Mickey Mouse Clubhouse games?


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Popular ���Mickey Mouse Clubhouse��� games include ���Puzzle Pond,��� ���Mystery Picture Count Up��� and ���Goofy���s Wildshoe.��� Other good games are ���Mickey���s Animal Video Parade��� and ���Pluto���s Musical Maze.���

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���Puzzle Pond��� is an interactive game that involves identifying Mickey and his friends by clicking on the images that match the reflection on the pond. ���Mystery Picture Count Up��� is also an interactive game that involves following Mickey���s instructions to expose a mystery picture by clicking and counting the correct number of shapes placed on it.

���Goofy���s Wildshoe Round-up��� is a game that involves helping Goofy secure shoes by clicking them in pairs. Players score points after pairing all of the shoes and then move to the next level. ���Mickey���s Animal Video Parade��� is a game that includes creating animal videos. Players type their names and then click to choose animals, balloons and a tune for their video. They finish by clicking and adding special effects while watching the parade.

���Pluto���s Musical Maze��� is a game that involves guiding Pluto to find instruments placed on different parts of the maze. Players select a song that produces a tune in the maze and use the arrow keys to move around and collect the instruments.

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