What Are Some Popular "Mario" Games?


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Some of the most famous recent Mario games have been the Super Mario Galaxy series, Super Mario 3D world and Sunshine, Mario Kart Super Circuit, New Super Mario Bros and Paper Mario, states both denofgeek.com and metro.co.uk. Older ones include Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 64.

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Mario has become an iconic member of video games and has appeared in over two hundred of them. In fact, six out of ten of the best-selling games have Mario in them. The first Mario game, Mario Bros., was only modestly successful, says IGN. The first smash hit was launched in 1985 with Super Mario Bros., helping to sell millions of Famicom consoles. It was here that the general formula of saving Princess Peach and defeating Bowser became a tradition.

Some of the more popular Mario franchises, based on appearances on Metacritic, are Super Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Party and Super Mario Bros. Super Mario World from 1990 and Super Mario Bros. 3 from 1988 are considered some of the greatest 2D platforms, says metro.co.uk, while Super Mario Galaxy is seen as the pinnacle of 3D Mario platforms. Mario has also been a part of other successful franchises, such as Super Smash Bros.

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