What Are Some Popular "Lab Rats" Games?


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Some popular games starring characters from the Disney XD show "Lab Rats" include "Reflex Dash," "Virtual Battle Trainer," "Leo's Stealth Ops," "Space Lab Rescue" and "Mind Over Matter," as of 2015. Other games that feature the characters, along with other Disney characters, include "Heroes of XD" and "Snow Fortitude."

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The show "Lab Rats" follows the exploits of teenager Leo Dooley as he discovers that his new billionaire stepfather owns several bionic teenagers, whom Dooley proceeds to introduce into normal teenage life. The series contains various elements of comedy and action, drawing heavily on the situational humor that arises from the social awkwardness of the bionic teen characters. Many of the "Lab Rats" games on the Disney XD site contain similar elements of humor and action, allowing players to utilize the teens' different bionic powers to perform a wide range of tasks and missions.

In the game "Mind over Matter," the player takes control of the characters Adam, Bree and Chase as they attempt to contain rogue robots and prevent as much destruction to the family home as possible. The main game-play mechanic is a matching elimination system that requires the player to click on sections of a game grid that contain tiles of the same type. Clicking on a set removes the tiles and earns points.

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