What Are Some Popular Kizi Games?


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Some popular Kizi games include ?Plants vs. Zombies,? ?Haunt the House? and ?Crazy Skater,? as of 2015. Kizi.com offers strategy, puzzle, action and sports games.

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What Are Some Popular Kizi Games?
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?Plants vs. Zombies? is the popular horror-themed strategy game that has players defend their homes from a zombie horde by tactically placing different types of plants and fungi in the yard. Arranged on a tiled grid system, the game features numerous maps, including a normal backyard, a swimming pool and even a rooftop. Players collect sun energy during the daytime in order to upgrade their plants and obtain more powerful species.

?Haunt the House? is a unique puzzle and action hybrid that puts players in control of a lone ghost attempting to scare houseguests at a party. Players fly around the mansion, hovering over different objects in order to possess them. When an object is possessed, pressing different directional keys creates different spooky effects. As players scare more guests, the ghost gains new ways to interact with items, such as making them float or transforming their appearances.

In ?Crazy Skater,? players take control of a skateboarder racing his way to the end of each level. Players can fly off ramps, jump over benches and perform tricks. Collecting coins in each level allows players to purchase skateboard and trick upgrades.

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