What Are Some Popular Hunger Games "Minecraft" Servers?


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Some popular Hunger Games Minecraft servers include mc.hypixel.net, us.mineplex.com, lbsg.net, and mcsurrealcraft.com, as of 2015. Additional Hunger Games Minecraft server lists are located on such websites as minecraft-server-list.com, minecraft-mp.com, and minecraftpocket-servers.com.

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PlanetMinecraft.com offers a list of popular Minecraft servers and also provides some tips and tricks for winning Hunger Games Minecraft. Each of these Minecraft server lists include server rankings and number of players. Hunger Games Minecraft servers are based on the fictional "Hunger Games" series. The goal is to remain alive until the user is the last player standing. Most games have players start out with packs that may contain food, weapons or potions.

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