What Are Some Popular GoGo Math Games?

What Are Some Popular GoGo Math Games?

Gogo Math has a multitude of different games for a variety of different age groups ranging from primary school to high school; some of the more popular games available include "Factory Balls 2," "Count the Cubes" and "Tugmath Fraction." All games on the site are Flash-based and free to play.

The website sorts the games by age group for difficulty and by category. Different types of games test different skill sets.

"Factory Balls 2" is a game that requires reasoning and logical thinking to work through a number of steps to achieve a goal. During the game the user must discover how the various available pieces work with one another.

"Count the Cubes" is a race to accurately count the number of cubes that drop onto the screen. It is a fast-paced game that requires visual-spatial skills as the cubes are often arranged in three dimensions.

"Tugmath Fraction" is a fraction game that tests the user's ability to recognize the largest fraction on the screen. This game also has a frenetic pace to it.

Other educational games on the site include "Ice Cream Truck," a simple economics simulator, and "Math Minute Coins," which helps children learn how to quickly count change.