What Are Popular Games to Play at a 60th Birthday Party?


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Some popular games to play at a 60th birthday party include decade trivia, little known facts, identifying baby photos, funny captions and senior superlatives. These games can help in making the party unforgettable and make everyone laugh and smile.

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In decade trivia, the guests can engage in trivia from the decade that the party host grew up. Jog their minds by making them identify the famous songs, movies and news clips from that decade. Reward those who answer most questions correctly.

For little known facts, the party host lists some facts about himself that few people know about on a piece of paper. On another paper, he lists some false facts. The guests should then compete and see who gets the most true facts.

In the baby identification game, every guest produces one of their pictures as a baby. They put the pictures on a table by number. Every guest then gets a piece of paper and tries to identify as many people as he can.

The funny captions game lets every guest bring a photo of the party host and leave it at the entrance together with a note card. Every guest then writes a funny caption in every picture and the end they combine the pictures and cards to form a photo album.

Senior superlatives lets every guest speculate what the party host will most likely be doing by his next birthday. They can write their speculations on a card to be part of the photo album.

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