What Are Some Popular Games on Max Games?

What Are Some Popular Games on Max Games?

Some of the popular Flash-based games on Max Games, according to user ratings, include “Strike Force Heroes 2,” “Greens Survive When Reds Die,” “Mighty Knight,” “Papa’s Pastaria” and “Rocket Santa.” All of the games on MaxGames.com are free to play and playable in a browser.

“Strike Force Heroes 2” is an action-shooting game in which the player controls a group of soldiers and needs to select their armor, weapons and occasional upgrades before battling enemies. Enemies are above space warships.

"Rocket Santa" is a Christmas-themed action game that only requires the use of the mouse. In this game, Santa Claus is trying to use a jet pack to deliver his gifts quickly to recipients on the moon. Collecting items and upgrading Santa's equipment allows the player to progress further in the game.

The straightforwardly-named “Greens Survive When Reds Die” is a platform puzzle game in which the player has to figure out how to get the green characters out of a room while simultaneously destroying the red characters.

“Papa’s Pastaria” is a more lighthearted game in which the player runs a pasta restaurant. The player needs to take orders, cook noodles and other dishes, and add toppings to the virtual customers' specifications.