What are some popular games girls play?


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Some popular games for girls include ���Little Big Planet,��� ���Guitar Hero,��� ���Warioware: Smooth Moves��� and ���Mario Kart.��� These friendlier, less violent games are more likely to appeal to casual female gamers.

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What are some popular games girls play?
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���Little Big Planet��� is an inventive puzzle-solving game in which two players must collaboratively navigate two sandbag characters through a landscape filled with obstacles. The two characters can���t move without each other, adding a unique element of teamwork to the game.

���Guitar Hero��� is the classic music and rhythm game that has players strum along to popular songs using the game���s iconic guitar controller device. With adjustable difficulty levels, numerous cooperative and competitive play modes and a diverse variety of songs, ���Guitar Hero��� is an intuitive game that is easy to pick up and play.

���Warioware: Smooth Moves��� is not one game but many, offering 200 quick and simple mini-games for multiple players. From traditional tasks such as racing or button mashing to more offbeat challenges such as shaving a mustache or picking a nose, ���Warioware��� offers plenty of variety.

���Mario Kart��� is one of the most popular multiplayer titles in all of gaming, giving players the opportunity to control Mario and friends and they race go-karts through a series of chaotic, colorful tracks. The game���s competitive battle mode is also a staple of multiplayer gaming.

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