What Popular Games Appeal to 3-Year-Olds?


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Old classic board games are often a big hit with three-year-old children. They teach social skills including how to take turns and how to lose gracefully, small motor skills and cognitive skills such as color recognition, matching and counting.

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The original Memory Game features 36 pairs of cards with pictures of familiar objects that preschoolers easily identify and match. The game is playable alone or with others. The object of Zingo, similar to the classic bingo, is for a participant to match the picture tiles that the Zinger reveals to the nine squares on his Zinger card until it is filled. The game teaches image and vocabulary recognition, matching, memory, concentration and social interaction. The eeBoo Pre-School Picture Dominoes game is one where children match creature cards or the Sun wild card into a continuous chain until the first one to use up all of his tiles becomes the winner.

Hi Ho Cherry-O is an elementary math skills game where children pick and place play fruit on the board to fill their baskets after rotating the spinner. Let’s Go Fishin’ is a musical game that tests how well each participant can catch plastic fish from the rotating plastic pond that circles the base using a tiny magnet tipped fishing pole and line. The fish move up and down as well as around, opening and closing their mouths, and landing a fish involves some patience and dexterity.

The ever popular Chutes and Ladders is an ideal game for young children because there is no reading required, the spinner numbers are all in the single digits, and the game path rewards participants for good deeds by sending them up a ladder, or down chutes for misbehaving.

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