What Are Some Popular Game Stores?


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GameStop is the world's largest retailer of video and computer games and is the only major retailer of its type left in the United States as of 2015. Online digital distribution stores have become increasingly popular, with some of the leading examples being Steam, Good Old Games and Origin. Stores that specialize in board and card games are generally small local operations, but GameStop and some popular bookstore chains such as Barnes & Noble do carry miscellaneous selections of games.

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EB Games locations can still be found, but the chain is now owned by GameStop. These stores are the only major brick-and-mortar retail options that specialize in video games in many areas. However, many popular general retail chains such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target carry a selection of games.

Some popular digital distribution stores that specialize in a general range of games include Steam, Origin, Green Man Gaming and Gamefly. Good Old Games has primarily built a reputation for selling older PC games, but it also carries a numerous newer games. Both digital and physical copies of games can be purchased through Amazon.com, and some of the brick-and-mortar retail chains have also begun selling digital downloads through their websites.

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