What Are Some Popular Four-Player Online Games?


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Some popular four-player online games include “Splatoon” for the Nintendo Wii U and “Heroes of Ruin” for the Nintendo 3DS. Both of these games feature four-player online cooperative play. In “Splatoon” players face off against other gamers, but in “Heroes of Ruin,” they fight against computer-controlled enemies.

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“Splatoon” has an online mode called Turf Wars in which players form teams of four to face off against other teams. At the start of each match, each player gets a different color of ink. The goal of the game is for players to cover more of the map with their color of ink than their rivals can in three minutes. After winning a match, they earn money with which they can buy new weapons and equipment.

In “Heroes of Ruin,” players can team up with three other players to make a team of four to explore, fight enemies and find treasure. The game supports online chat via the 3DS built-in microphone or with a microphone-enabled headset. After each mission, players can use the treasure that they won to buy new equipment and items to help them on their quests. Killing enemies results in the player earning experience points, which she can use to level up her character and gain character-specific special moves.

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