What Are Some Popular Firefighter Games for PC?


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Some popular firefighter games for PC include "Firefighters 2014: The Simulations Game," "Flame Over," "Real Heroes: Firefighter" and "Emergency 2012: The Quest for Peace." Several of these games are available on multiple platforms.

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"Firefighters 2014: The Simulations Game" is a PC-only game developed by Visual Imagination Software and available for purchase on Steam, and it works on Windows Vista and later versions. The game allows players to fill the role of a firefighter as they spend time at the firehouse and save burning buildings. "Flame Over" is an action game available on both PC and Playstation Network. Players play as Blaze Carruthers as they move through a 16-floor skyscraper while dousing fires.

In "Real Heroes: Firefighter," players fill the role of a fire academy cadet who has just been assigned to a firehouse, and they must put out fires while facing puzzles and challenges akin to those a real firefighter would face. The game is available for PC, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS. "Emergency 2012: The Quest for Peace" puts players in the shoes of a micromanager of various emergency response units, including firefighters, police forces and paramedics. Players must organize responses to fires, thieves, suicidal veterans and other diverse incidents. The 2011 Quadriga Games creation is only available for PC.

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