What Are Popular Educational Zoo Games for Kids?


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Some educational zoo games for kids include “Elephant Odyssey,” “Build an Online Habitat,” “Build a Biome” and “Where Do I Live?” These online games engage kids while helping them learn more about animals.

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“Elephant Odyssey” presents itself as a standard side-scrolling platformer in the vein of “Super Mario Brothers,” but the game is peppered with informational facts about elephants. The game’s different levels are all based on different time periods, teaching kids about the history and evolution of elephants. Even when kids make mistakes that result in restarting the level, they are treated to educational facts about elephants.

“Build an Online Habitat” helps kids better understand the unique factors that sustain animal life. Players must choose an animal and adjust various environmental conditions in order to create the ideal habitat, including vegetation, precipitation and weather. “Build a Biome” functions similarly but on a larger scale, teaching kids about the different plants, animals, geography and climate conditions that go into forming a complete biome. Kids can complete the game by creating all six distinct biome types.

“Where Do I Live?” teaches kids about the different continents, regions and oceans where animals live. A large variety of animals have been rescued from smugglers, and it’s up to the player to return them to their proper homes. The game helps kids learn about both animals and the geography that affects them.

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