What Are Some Popular Free Downloadable Games?

What Are Some Popular Free Downloadable Games?

A few popular, free downloadable games are "Planetside 2" and "Path of Exile." A few games that are free additions to other pay-to-play games are "Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft" and "Star Wars: The Old Republic."

"Planetside 2" is a first-person battle game with a large field of play. In the game, the player uses strategy against enemies and is always ready for a surprise attack. The player can choose his own battle champion and equip him with gear and items to help defeat the enemy. Successful campaigns provide rewards for the player.

"Path of Exile" is a popular online role-playing game that is similar to "Diablo III." This game is about building skills and collecting items while facing an opposing force. The player's main weapon is magic, and he enhances it with each item collected.

Blizzard released a "World Of Warcraft" spin-off online card game called "Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft" that is similar to the popular "Magic the Gathering" card game. It is an easily mastered and user-friendly game with fast-paced, endless play.

"Star Wars: The Old Republic" picks up where "Star Wars Galaxies" left off. As of May 2015, the entire game is free to play, but it's available as a paid subscription for faster game play. This game allows the player to see the "Star Wars" world from multiple perspectives. Characters include an Imperial Agent, a Bounty Hunter or a Jedi Knight.