What Are Some Popular Doll Patterns for Sewing?


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Some popular doll patterns for sewing include the Baby Bows pattern, the Black Apple doll pattern and the Cupid Doll. As of 2015, all of these patterns are available for download from online sources at no cost.

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The Baby Bows pattern makes a unisex baby that can wear either color outfit to indicate sex. The baby measures between 18 and 20 inches when completed. The pattern includes a materials needed list, three pages of printed pattern and detailed instructions. The information includes photos of the various steps needed to complete the doll. Each pattern page is downloadable before printing.

The Black Apple doll pattern creates dolls like those sold on Etsy by Emily Martin. These dolls are more like children than infants and wear dresses with their arms and legs exposed. This pattern comes with three printable tutorials and one printable pattern. A video tutorial is included to follow along in the sewing process.

The Cupid Doll pattern measures 10 inches, and each of the joints allow for movement. There are four pages of pattern to download and print out. There is also a material list that the sewer can download and print that have detailed instructions for each step. These instructions include photographs and drawn diagrams.

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