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The most popular PC games as of September, 2015 are "League of Legends," "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" and "World of Warcraft," according to a Raptr.com survey. Those surveyed spent 23.47 percent of their total game time playing "League of Legends," while 7.39 percent played "Counter-Strike" and 5.08 percent played "World of Warcraft."

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"League of Legends" is a free game that is considered one of the first big multiplayer online battle arenas. The game is known for its fast-paced and competitive game play, blending real-time strategy with a role-play gaming or RPG format. The objective of the game is to form a team and battle an opposing faction across various battlefields and game modes.

"Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" is a team-based action game where players fight in battle matches against opposing forces, either alone or on a chosen team. A player has the option to play at her own pace using the Casual mode, or she can select Demolition mode and fight using a starting weapon that gradually evolves as the number of kills increase.

"World of Warcraft" is an RPG game where players customize avatars and select a realm to explore. The objective is to form alliances with other players to accomplish quests together, or join guilds. The game is interactive, so players can chat with each other live while working together to complete certain tasks.

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