What Are Some Popular Cartoon Games?

What Are Some Popular Cartoon Games?

CartoonNetwork.com provides some popular cartoon games, including "Sky Streaker," "Clearance Blamburger," "Regular Show: Daredevil Danger" and "Adventure Time: Battle Party." Cartoon Network offers all of these games and many others to play for free on its website.

In "Sky Streaker," Richard refuses to get dressed, but his family want him dressed. He flees up a flagpole and the player must help Richard get higher. Along the way, the player hits the coins and avoids the hanging clothes. If the ascent slows, the family catches up and puts clothes on Richard.

"Clearance Blamburger" allows the player to help Clearance fix lunch. Using the keys on the computer keyboard, the player lines up the plate to catch falling sandwich items while avoiding bombs.

"Regular Show: Daredevil Danger" offers three levels of difficulty, multiple levels to play and various characters to play as. Players must drive their motorcycles through an obstacle course, collecting coins and jumping over obstacles, such as junk cars and ramps.

"Adventure Time: Battle Party" offers room for three players at one time. Players choose the world they want to play the game in and a character with choices ranging from villains to the good guys. The players battle each other to see who is the champion, as part of an experiment conducted by Princess Bubblegum.