What Are Some Popular Car Games?


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Some popular car games to play include “Super Parking World 2” and “Red Driver.” Both of these games are free and are available to play on arcade websites such as Cargames99.com and Racinghits.com. Players use the arrow keys on the computer keyboard to control both games.

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What Are Some Popular Car Games?
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In “Super Parking World 2,” players have to park different cars in difficult situations. The player starts off with five lives and loses one life every time he fails to park the car. Gamers can fail to park the car if it runs out of energy or if they run out of time. Hitting a wall or other cars decreases the energy in the car. Players earn a higher score based on how quickly and accurately they park and how much damage the car sustains.

“Red Driver” is an endless game in which the player drives down the highway while avoiding oncoming traffic. The longer the player drives without running into another car, the higher his score. He can drive on either side of the road and can change the position of the car using the arrow keys. When the player crashes, he sees a 3D video of the crash, which changes depending on how he crashed. After the video, the player has the option to check his ranking on the online leader board.

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